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In June 2010 Scuba Bula became the only dive centre in the South Pacific to be partnered with the WWF SPPO.

Adam Hewitt, one of the owners of Scuba Bula, said, “This is a great honour for us as a company and we look forward to the opportunity we have been given to play a major part in protecting the Navula Barrier Reef for future generations. We are in a unique position being able to monitor the reef on an almost daily basis and we hope that we can provide some worthwhile data to the WWF.”

One of Scuba Bula's functions in this partnership is to monitor the health of the Navula Barrier Reef, including its surrounding mangroves and seagrass habitats.

“Such enthusiasm and commitment to support biodiversity conservation is encouraging. WWF South Pacific acknowledges the spirit in which Scuba Bula conducts its business, in support of nature conservation and sustainable livelihoods" said Monifa Fiu, the GEF Project Coordinator for the WWF South Pacific Programme.

As traditional custodians of the monitored reef systems, the Tikina Wai communities play their role by managing the mangroves to build resilience against the impact of climate change.

More information about the projects of the WWF SPPO can be found at http://pacific.panda.org/.

Temperature Monitoring

To better understand and monitor coral bleaching and its recovery the WWF, in partnership with Scuba Bula, has placed automated temperature logging devices around the reef, which record changes in the sea surface temperature. Bi-annually Scuba Bula provides the temperature monitoring data to the WWF South Pacific Program Office. The WWF South Pacific Program Office provide this data to NOAA for inclusion in their Coral Bleaching Hotspots report see NOAA for more information.

Sightings Programme

Scuba Bula has implemented a sightings programme to record numbers of a variety of marine life that include; whales, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and other protected species. After every dive trip the significant sightings are recorded. This information is periodically provided to the WWF for their continued research.

Sightings Chart


Scuba Bula has identified a number of coral heads that are regularly checked using the Project Aware Coralwatch Coral Health Chart. This information is provided to the WWF as part of the overall programme to monitor the Navula Barrier Reef.

Reef Survey's

Scuba Bula provides personel support to the WWF's Reef Survey programs around Fiji.


Ono-i-lauIn October 2008, Apisai (Api) Botevou spent 3 weeks assisting Monifa Fiu from the WWF surveying the reef around the island of Ono-I-Lau. Ono-I-Lau is a part of the Lau group, the most southerly islands in Fiji. During the trip Api provided diving support as well as participating in the surveys.

Please read the WWF Ono-i-lau Cluster of islands Marine Biological Survey 2008 Report for more details: The Ono-i-lau Cluster of islands Marine Biological Survey 2008 Report


CikobiaIn May 2010, Samuela Wainimokomoko (Scuba Sam) spent 1 week assisting Monifa Fiu from the WWF on the LäjeRotuma reef surveying trip to Cikobia. Cikobia is one of the islands situated near the Great Sea Reef.

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