La ForceScuba Bula has 2 custom built dive boats, La Force and Kacika. Both comply with FIMSA regulations and are fully equipped with all the standard safety equipment including; Emergency Oxygen Equipment, First Aid kit, flares, VHF radio, life jackets, spares, and tools. La Force is a 28 foot single hull fibreglass boat with a 200HP outboard engine. La Force can take 10 divers including staff. Kacika is a 25 foot single hull fibreglass boat with a 90HP engine. Kacika can take 6 divers including staff.



Scuba Bula is equipped with Scubapro and Atlantis regulators.


Scuba Bula has a wide variety of Scuba Pro and Aqualung BCD's and Aqualung Wings.


Scuba Bula has a large number of aluminium cylinders. All cylinders are visually inspected annually and have a hydrostatic test every 5 years in accordance with Fijian regulations. Scuba Bula also has onsite air purity testing capabilities.


Scuba Bula has both manifolded and independent twins available. Side mount stage cylinders are also available.

Wet Suits

Scuba Bula has a wide variety of both 3mm and 5mm shorties and full length suits.


As well as a wide variety of masks Scuba Bula has 4 prescription masks and a complete set of prescription lenses. So if you need a prescription mask just let us know your prescription and we should be able to cater for your needs.


Scuba Bula has two Sea&Sea Motor Marine II underwater film cameras and a Sea&Sea MX-10 underwater film camera. We also have an underwater digital camera and underwater video camera for those taking specialty courses.

Speciality Equipment

Scuba Bula has two Apollo Diver Propulsion Vehicles, an AGA Divator Full Face Mask and numerous SMBs, reels and lift bags.

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