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Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical certification agency in the world. As one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers, TDI is seen as an innovator of new diving techniques and programs which previously were not available to the general public. TDI's professionals are held to the highest standard to ensure quality training throughout the world.

TDI Courses

Decompression Procedures Diver

As sport divers, planned decompression is not something that we do or have been taught. The TDI Decompression Procedures course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving. With a maximum operating depth of 45m/150 feet, this course is your first step beyond the normal sport diving limits. Your TDI Instructor will provide you with valuable information and skills. Among the topics covered are;

  • Equipment set-up
  • Equipment requirements
  • Decompression techniques
  • Decompression breathing gasses
  • Gas management
  • Contingency planning

The TDI Decompressions Procedures course combined with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course form the foundation of all other technical courses. After these two courses and some additional experience, the stage has been set for you to move onto additional technical levels. Some of the materials you will be using include the TDI Divers Guide to Decompression Procedures and US Navy or Bühlmann Air Decompression Tables (made of vinyl for easy in-water use and storage)

Extended Range Diver

Certain areas of the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 39m/130 feet but you will not have access (or very limited access) to helium. The TDI Extended Range course teaches you the proper techniques for utilising compressed air as a breathing gas and with a maximum depth of 55m/180 feet so you won’t have to miss those dives. The Extended Range course will cover topics and skills such as;

  • Equipment requirements and configuration
  • Decompression options
  • Use of surface marker buoys
  • Buddy rescue
  • Narcosis checks and management

Materials for this course include the TDI Extended Range Diving Manual and the US Navy or Bühlmann Air Decompression Tables (made of vinyl for easy in-water use and storage)

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