If you have ever considered a career in diving or simply want to help out at your local dive centre then you should consider one of Scuba Bula's GoPro programs. The GoPro programs are designed to take you from a complete novice diver to your first step to being a professional Scuba Diver. No prior diving experience is required. The GoPro program will take a maximun of 4 months and during this time you will gain a huge amount of experience and learn from some of the best instructors in the industry. The are three programs available, Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you already have some of these qualifications please get in contact with us for a custom program.

GoPro Bronze

Included in this package are the following courses and materials;
Courses Materials
Open Water Diver Open Water Manual, Logbook, Recreational Dive Planner (Table version)
Advanced Open Water Diver Adventures in Diving Manual, Data Carrier Slate
Emergency First Responder EFR Manual
Rescue Diver Rescue Diver Manual, Accident Management Work Slate, Pocket Mask
Divemaster Divemaster Manual, Divemaster Slates, Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, Diving Knowledge Workbook, Recreational Dive Planner (eRDPML version)

Also included with this package is a 10 dive package to be taken after your PADI Rescue Diver course and a PADI backpack for you to store all your materials. The package includes certification costs for all courses except PADI Divemaster. PADI Divemaster certification costs are payable directly to PADI as this cost includes your first year of PADI professional membership.

By the end of this package you will have a minimum of 60 dives and, upon meeting all training requirements for the courses listed above, be qualified as a PADI Divemaster. A PADI Divemaster has; Exemplary diving and Rescue skills, a Professional-level knowledge of dive theory, competence as a certified assistant, and dive management and supervision abilities.

GoPro Silver

The GoPro Silver program includes everything in the Bronze program plus; 5 PADI Specialty Courses and the Master Scuba Diver certificate.

GoPro Gold

The GoPro Gold program includes everything in the Bronze program plus; 5 PADI Specialty Courses and the Master Scuba Diver certificate and a complete set of diving equipment.

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